Bell Lampshade Restore with Vintage Ruffled Valance, NE Ohio

It is so fun to see the personalized finish and construction technique of vintage shades.     The ruffled trim finish is personal to the artist that created the shade.  I was glad to just have to clean it and not make it!   The original craftsmanship is awesome.

lampshade, bell, floor lamp, antique, ruffle

Vintage Bell Lampshade for a Floor lamp


To my surprise, when I was removing the liner (after successfully removing the trim in tact),  had this foil type tape holding the liner firmly in tact.  First I have seen this material used to make a lampshade.

lampshade, bell, floor lamp, ruffle, liner

Antique Bell Lampshade Liner


The bottom of the shade was stapled.  The general shade construction technique was manufactured.

lampshade, bell, floor lamp, staples

Antique Bell Lampshade with Stapled Liner


The ruffled valance personalized this shade.  The person who made the shade valance, as well as the person who purchased this lampshade to accent their decor, had a theme in mind.

lampshade, bell, floor lamp, ruffle, trim, vintage

Ruffle Vintage Trim for a Bell Lampshade


The trim was successfully restored.   I soaked the trim in cold water before using a mild detergent.  I towel dried the trim and let it air dry.   It was so wrinkled.  After ironing the ruffled trim, I used a fabric stiffener, similar to starching a doily.  The ruffled vintage trim has been restored.


lampshade, bell, ruffle, vintage, trim, restored

Vintage Ruffled Trim Restored


The Creme Silk Charmeuse cover is in tact and ready to be lined.  Trimming the shade is the last step.

After my customer has her lampshade in hand, I will post the finished project.






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