Lampshade Sport Jersey, Thor Motocross Race Jersey

You probably are wondering what Lampshade and Motocross could possibly have in common.  My son raced Motocross since 1997.  Over the years we went through dozens of jerseys.  Besides outgrowing them, they would get stained and torn over night!

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Thor Motocross Sport Jersey Lampshade


A while back I asked him to bring a couple of his old jerseys over.  I didn’t care what condition they were in,  just that they were his retired racing jerseys.  I recently had a chance to make him a personalized custom jersey lampshade.  I washed it but did not want to lose the authenticity of the jersey being out there on the track.  The dirt imbedded in the jersey is part of the charm of the lampshade.

lampshade, thor, motocross, sport, jersey

Thor MX Motocross Jersey Sleeve – Lampshade


Any sport jersey could be used to create a personalized lampshade.  Dirt and grass stains enhance the beauty of the shade.

My absolute favorite angle of the lampshade is, of course, his name and number!

lampshade, motocross, sport, racing, jersey, shade

Motocross Racing Jersey Lampshade

My son was just 7 when he started racing and he has grown to be one of the finest young men I know.  Most parents don’t get a chance to see in writing, a child’s appreciation for their time and effort.  I am extremely fortunate to have gotten that opportunity.   Attached is a post my son put on a “motocross” forum.   Thank you Cory!,20/Motocross-Lampshade,1266945

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