2014 LampShade Restoration Projects

Vintage Shade Repairs: Liner Repairs; Complete Restorations, Fabric Lampshade, Fabric Laminated Lampshade, Victorian Crown Shades.  Pleated Shades; Silk Shades.  Contemporary Restores.

Vintage lamps were made to last a lifetime.  The lamp bases are strong and have a beautiful presence.  The lampshades for each lamp was made very specific to fit and match the lamp base.

These shades came to me from all over the USA.  The shades I have restored are near and dear to each customer and privately owned.  These Keepsakes come from their Mother, Father, Grandparents or Dear Friend.   I am blessed  to be a part of passing on their legacy.

 “Saving Our Lighting Heritage One Shade at a Time”

The shades in the slide show are in no particular order: