American Flag Theme Lampshade, Porch Light

I  put this American theme lampshade on my front porch light.  It is just a cotton fabric shade and I am not sure how long it will hold up in the outdoors.   The lampshade was made in 1991 when my shade business was “Lampshade Gallery.”   The shade has been  kept in a box for all these years.

lampshade, porch light, american flag theme

American Flag Theme Porch Light

In the early 90’s, I made an assortment of lampshades.   People did not want to buy my theme shades but wanted me to fix theirs.  That is how I got into lampshade restoration.

This particular old (new) candlelight lampshade is scotch guarded,  but it is still outside.  I did not plan to use the shade as a porch light.   The shade I make intentionally for outside,  will have to be made with outdoor fabric and the wire will need to be treated so as not to rust.

I used a socket reducer so I could use a 25 watt candlelight bulb.  It is not meant to be a bright porch light but an accent piece.

ampshade, porch light, american flag shade

American Flag Theme Lampshade




The lampshade is a my signature on my front porch!

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