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LAMPSHADE RESTORATION provides shade restoration services of all kinds.  Lamp shade liner repair; reattaching wires that have come loose from the hard paper styrene shade cover;  or complete shade cover and liner replacement.  The following are restored lampshades using diverse techniques to accomplish the finished shades.

lamp, lampshade, contemporary, repair

Torn Contemporary Lampshade

lamp, lampshade, contemporary

A-frame Contemporary Lampshade


Contemporary Hard

Paper Shades





lamp, lampshade, vintage, antique, fabric

Vintage Victorian Lampshade

lamp, lampshade, vintage, victorian, antique, fabric

Vintage Victorian Lampshade



Vintage Fabric Shades





lamp, lampshade, pleated, liner, repair

Pleated Lampshade Liner Repair

lamp, shade, liner, torn

Pleated Lampshade liner repair



Liner Repair





lamp, lampshade, plastic, accordion, light

Pleated Accordion Lampshade

lamp, lampshade, accordion, pleated

Pleated Accordion Lampshade Wire Repair


Reattach Wires






lampshade, shade, victorian, crown

Crown Victorian Lampshade

lampshade, shade, victorian, crown, fringe

Victorian Crown Lampshade



Victorian Shade Restoration





Floor Lamp Fabric Drum Lampshade Repairs

Floor Lamp Fabric Drum Shade Delivered for Repairs

floor lamp, lampshade, linen, recovered

Restored Floor Lamp Linen Lampshade


Traditional Drum Shade Restoration

for Antique Floor Lamps





early american lampshade, ballerina,  restore

Early American Lampshade Delivered for Restoration

lampshade, ballerina, early american, ruffled

Early American Ruffled Ballerina Lampshade Restored


Early American

Ruffled Ballerina Lampshade 





lampshade, large drum, fabric, recessed wire, silk, restored

Large Fabric Drum Lampshade Restored with Silk and Original Trim

lampshade, drum, fabric, recessed wire, restored

Fabric Drum Shade with Pressure Sensitive Styrene Liner and Restored Original Trim




Restored Drum Shades with Recessed Wires





Chandelier Candlelight Shades with Silk Liners

chandelier, lampshades, candlelight shades, repair

Chandelier with Candlelight Shades


My service is dedicated to

“Saving Our Lighting Heritage”

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